Chicken Paws

This web site is dedicated to the preparation and eating of Chicken Feet or Paws.

In my younger days Chicken Paws were free at most slaughter houses.  I remember taking my rabbits 
and chickens to the Euclid OH slaughter house and coming home with a big bag of chicken feet that
 were eagerly handed over to my mother for further processing.   We were a family of 9 and just 
had enough money to eat anything that Mom put on the table.  Dad and I would go to the west 
side market in Cleveland, OH (1960's) and purchase the cheapest cuts of meat that could be eaten 
which would be considered prime today, LOL  Many times we would come home with heads, tails 
and feet!   Mom was an unbelievable cook!

Stories to come:

Thai Food Deep Fried Chicken Feet Tai-Po-Chicken-Feet

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